Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wooden Gagster House (Archangelsk, Russia)

Location: Archangelsk,
Founded: started in 1992, pulled down in 2008
Architect: Nikolai Petrovich Sutyagin
Purpose: private house

This 13-story, 144-ft tallresidence of the local entrepreneur Nikolai Petrovich Sutyagin was reported to be the world’s, or at least Russia’s, tallest wooden house. Constructed by Mr. Sutyagin and his family over 15 years (starting in 1992), without formal plans or a building permit, the structure deteriorated while Mr. Sutyagin spent a few years in prison on racketeering charges. In 2008 it was condemned by the city as a fire hazard, and the courts ordered it to be demolished by February 1, 2009.On December 26, 2008, the tower was pulled down,and the remainder of the building was dismantled manually by the early February.


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