Monday, September 17, 2012

Lotus Evora


The Lotus Evora is a sports car produced by British car manufacturer Lotus. The car, which was developed under the project name Project Eagle, was launched as the Evora on 22 July 2008 at the British International Motor Show. 


The name "Evora" keeps the Lotus tradition of beginning model names with an "E". The name is derived from the words evolution, vogue, and aura. Other names considered were Eagle, Exira and Ethos; Exira was rejected as it was considered not good enough and the other two because it would be difficult for Lotus to claim them as a trademark. The name "Evora" sounds similar to Évora, which is the name of a Portuguese city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Portugal. 


Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds
Top speed: 162 mph (261 km/h) CO2 emission: 205 g/km
Fuel consumption: 32.5 miles per imperial gallon (8.69 L/100 km; 27.1 mpg-US) (EU standards); 17/27 MPG city/highway (US EPA standards)
Drag coefficient: 0.337 Engine: Mid mounted,transverse 3.5 litre DOHC V6 VVT-I Transmission: 6 speed manual, 6 speed automatic by Aisin
Chassis: Modular lightweight bonded aluminium structure
Steering: Lotus tuned hydraulically-assisted power steering
Suspension: Forged aluminium double wishbone suspension, Bilstein high performance gas dampers, Eibach coaxial coil springs 


Sales were expected to start in summer 2009. The sales target is 2000 cars per year, with prices between £45,000 and just over £50,000. It will arrive at American dealers beginning in January 2010.


On 12 August 2009, British car magazine Autocar named the Evora as Britain's Best Driver's Car 2009.


The car was reviewed by presenter Jeremy Clarkson on the British automotive television show Top Gear. The review was positive overall. Clarkson considered the rear seats to have not enough legroom, the interior felt tinny, and the satellite navigation was sub-optimal. On the upside he was very happy with the performance, handling and comfort. He was extremely impressed with the ride comfort and described the car as "the only car I've ever driven, ever, which is a killer attack dog and an old sofa". The Evora also won EVO magazines 'Car of the Year 2009' and CAR magazines 'performance car of the Year 2009'.   


During the 2011 Geneva motor show, Lotus announced the Evora enduro GT concept, as a follow up to the Type 124 and GT4 race cars. Lotus is aiming for this car to enter into the GT3 category by Mid-2011, with a 444 bhp Toyota supplied V8. Lotus entered two Evoras at the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans, which were run by the Jetalliance Racing team. Despite overheating issues during practice and qualifying, car no.65 finished 22nd overall, completing 295 laps, whilst car no.64 retired after 126 laps. In 2012, Jetalliance Racing failed to negotiate a deal to run the cars in Europe; instead, Alex Job Racing chose to run a GTE in the American Le Mans Series.


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